Finding Peace While Defeating Alcohol, Fat, Cigarettes, and Sloth
It's About Getting Better . . .
Age 51

• Active Alcoholic
• 230 Pounds
• Two-Pack-a-Day Smoker
• Awful Cholesterol
• Awful Resting Heartrate
• High Blood Pressure
• Anxious, Fearful, Uptight

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• Alcohol Free since 2002
• 172 Pounds since 2004
• Nicotine Free since 2002
• Terrific Cholesterol
• Terrific Resting Heartrate
• Normal Blood Pressure
• Peaceful, Serene, Relaxed

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Age 64

Meet Ed


Until August 20, 2002 Ed was an overweight active alcoholic, two-pack-a-day smoker with elevated blood pressure, a racing pulse rate, and triglycerides so high that my cholesterol levels could not be accurately calculated. Walking up the street was a challenge.

He's different now.

Alcohol S
"I believed deep into the very core of my being that life without alcohol was impossible. As it turned out, it is possible. In fact, it’s glorious."
"To get better, I must be absolutely honest. If I’m an addict, I must admit it. Calling my nicotine addiction a habit makes it way too benign."
Weight Management
"I've lost seventy pounds and kept it off. I’m going to share my experience with you, and you can do what you want with it. For me, none of this is theory."
"Effective exercise is hard, but the forty-five minute struggle each day makes the other twenty-three hours and fifteen minutes so much better."
The Tools
The Tools

"I drank alcohol, smoked cigarettes, and ate brownies to change the way I felt. Without the tools, I'd either drink, smoke, and eat crap again, or I'd be miserable. These tools make it possible to find peace without drinking alcohol, smoking cigarettes, eating crap, and napping."

The Book

"I couldn't put it down!!! I started it yesterday morning and just finished it tonight. What a read, what a story, what an inspiration."

My Reclaimed Life - The Book

Kindle: $2.99

Paperback: $10.88

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  • "The book is excellent! Well written, interesting and highly motivating. He takes us through his whole agonizing story but the focus is really on recovery and leaves the reader with a clear idea of what needs to be done."

  • "If you're ready for some tough lessons and an incisive breakdown of specific tools which you can immediately use to stop drinking, smoking, overeating and wasting you life in the process, this is the book for you."

  • "Very inspirational, an honest look at any type of addiction. Ed has some great advice and has inspired me to get back on track with my weight control."

Excerpt From My Reclaimed Life

I understand.

Really. I do.

You wake up in the middle of the night full of fear, regret, and self-revulsion. You’re miserable because you know you’re killing yourself with your drinking, drugging, smoking, gluttony, or sloth. Maybe you struggle with all those issues. Maybe just a couple. Maybe only one. Doesn’t matter. They’re all killers, and not just of our bodies. They kill our souls, too.

You wake up in the morning and think how today’s going to be different. When the day ends, it isn’t different. And nothing changes, day after day after day. And, now, you’re losing the one thing you can hang onto during these cruel times—hope. And when hope’s gone . . . well, that’s just too scary to think about.

So, let’s get the hope deal out of the way first. You don’t have to lose it. Your life can change.

And here’s the best part—you can defeat alcohol, drugs, cigarettes, gluttony, and sloth and be happier than you can possibly imagine.

How can I be so certain?

I’ve done it and I’ve seen others do it, too. Many of these people were facing unimaginable circumstances filled with pain making most of our stuff so miniscule it’s laughable. Like the guy I know whose youngest daughter was killed in an automobile accident—three years after the same thing had happened to his oldest daughter.Could anything be worse? He stayed sober.

If you can find the willingness, so can you.

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My Reclaimed Life
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